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About Open Biopharma Research and Training Institute

Our goal is to drive innovation that reduces the cost of biopharma manufacturing and as an educational institution to ensure the training of life sciences professionals for the newest biopharmaceutical manufacturing and related technologies.

Life Science companies are major drivers of innovation and the economy in California and the entire west coast of the US. California’s indirect employment due to life science companies results in over 900,000 jobs, with 311,226 direct life science jobs having an average wage over $100,000 annually (CLSA 2019 report.) We recognize that more than forty percent of upcoming therapeutics in their respective R&D pipelines are biopharmaceuticals. The life science industry has a critical shortage of trained process development and biomanufacturing personnel, ranging in some areas as much as 40 to 50%.

Open Biopharma operates the FutureFacility™ designed and constructed with CRB. Open Biopharma uses a ballroom design to create a truly dynamic space, the Sandbox. The Sandbox holds a variety of the latest equipment and technology platforms; including single use, continuous, integrated, and automation from different vendors across the industry. The Sandbox concept allows biopharmaceutical companies, vendors, and regulators to evaluate the impact of these new technologies on the biopharmaceutical processes and facilitate the adaptation of these progressive technologies into industry best practices. To complement the Sandbox concept our additional  focus is enhancement of industry through current best practices and future-facing training which helps drive innovation and regional development as well.

The Orblu Biopharma Campus

Our campus is the first of its kind on the west coast.

Orblu BioPharma Campus Exterior

Our future biopharma manufacturing facility is located in Carlsbad, CA – strategically placed in the heart of the Southern California biotech cluster and within a two hour plane ride from the Bay Area, Seattle, Denver and other prominent BioPharma clusters. San Diego represents the fastest growing cluster within the BioPharma industry.

The brand new virtual cGMP facility was built using CRB’s FutureFacility™  concept. It features spaces which cater to every training need in BioPharma, and a few spaces with the flexibility to adapt to what the future holds.

Facility Features

  • Virtual cGMP facility
  • Upstream (Stainless steel and Single use bioreactors)
  • Downstream (different chromatography and filtration technologies)
  • Process Control System (PCS)
  • Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)
  • Building Management System (BMS/BAS)
  • Analytical lab state of the art process development equipment

The campus currently boasts a newly renovated 45,000 ft2 ocean-view future biopharma manufacturing, training, and research facility. At a combined 3,000 ft2, the four training rooms and picturesque conference room are flexible enough to suit any classroom training or conference. It also features a modern 5,000 ft2 Research, Process Development, and Quality Control lab space. The 5,000 ft2 of manufacturing cleanroom space – which includes three small processing rooms, two large 1,400 ft2 processing ballrooms (the Sandboxes), raw material distribution room, and equipment cleaning room – is ideal for live demonstrations, testing, and practical training in biomanufacturing. Lastly, a 20,000 ft2 space is available for industry events.


Coming Events


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Our Facilitator Calendar now not only shows trainings at Open Biopharma, but also Life Sciences Events happening around the region. You can subscribe to the calendar by clicking the +GoogleCalendar located the lower right hand corner of the Calendar above.

If you have an event focused for Life Sciences’ professionals happening in Southern California and would like us to share it on our Google Calendar reach out to Open Biopharma on LinkedIn

Our calendar will also sweep the internet periodically for new publicly published events focused for Life Sciences’ professionals happening in Southern California.

The purpose of this calendar is to better connect our Sothern California Life Sciences Ecosystem. Open Biopharma is a nonprofit and regional resource that not only acts a bridge from academia to industry, but also seeks to help make the community better connected. A more connected community has people with stronger career resilience, more business development and sales opportunities, higher wages, greater upward mobility and of course new friends and colleagues.

Biomanufacturing Training

We offer hands-on training in a virtual cGMP facility and demonstration opportunities with our  partners to educate professionals and students alike. This includes hands-on and classroom training on the current best practices and future-facing technologies and equipment. We are working with local colleges to offer hands-on practical biomanufacturing opportunities for the students on a competitive basis. Additionally, we are working with industry organisations and partners to create curriculum for retraining services for veterans to work in biopharmaceutical manufacturing in a cGMP environment. Veterans are a large part of our San Diego community, and we want to give back to those who serve.

Open Biopharma developed a broad curriculum that covers practically every aspect of biopharmaceutical manufacturing (process development, fermentation, cell culture, single-use, downstream processing, continuous production, aseptic techniques, QA/QC) to enhance professional development and provide continuing education. Our faculty is comprised of industry experts in the given subjects, providing opportunity for the students to interact and learn from professionals with years of practical experience.


We are partnering with local universities, major industry organizations, and vendors to provide the most up to date training for our region an industry at large. Our commitment to serving our growing Biopharma community and the west coast region is a large part of why we chose this excellent location – although our panoramic ocean view doesn’t hurt.

The Parenteral Drug Association is an international non-profit industry trade group for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers headquartered in Bethesda, MD, USA, with offices in Berlin, Germany, and Singapore. Built on a reputation of excellence and founded in science, PDA’s training courses provide new and experienced professionals alike with practical information and implementable solutions related to essential industry topics.

In partnering with the Parenteral Drug Association we are proud to offer PDA courses at Open Biopharma. Click here to check out the latest courses.

Argonaut Manufacturing Services is a cGMP contract manufacturing organization dedicated to providing custom manufacturing and supply chain solutions for biopharmaceutical, life science, and molecular diagnostics companies worldwide. With state-of-the-art equipment, ISO 13485:2016 compliance, and FDA registration, Argonaut meets your regulatory requirements. Services include high-yield aseptic fill/finish, reagent formulation, filling, kitting, lyophilization, and analytical support. From diagnostics to drug products, Argonaut provides a wide range of flexible solutions for diverse outsourcing needs.

Biopharma Group assists with sourcing capital equipment from freeze dryers, aseptic fill & finishing processing lines biological safety cabinets and more processing related technologies to R&D freeze drying and/or spray drying process consultancy and analytical lab services, with regional divisions in the UK, France, Ireland & USA.

If you’d like to see their list of upcoming training or register for an upcoming course.

R&D and Testing Collaborations

Our goal is to collaborate with industry and academia to integrate new equipment and technologies which improve efficiency of the biomanufacturing operation. Additionally we conduct research to provide data that facilitates the integration and acceptance of new technologies.

Contact Us

Open Biopharma Research and Training Institute

1958 Kellogg Avenue
Carlsbad, CA 92008


Partnering and Research

At Open Biopharma  Research and Training Institute we partner with organizations ready and willing to face the future of BioPharma.